When you need steel, stainless steel and aluminum burned for your fabrication and manufacturing needs, Metro Steel and Pipe Supply, Inc. has the full-service CNC burning capabilities to get the job done. We have an 8 foot wide CNC 260 amp plasma cutter capable of cutting mild steel up to 1.5 inch thick and a 400 amp CNC plasma cutter capable of cutting mild steel up to 3 inches thick. We also have CNC flame cutting capabilities for up to 6 inch thick material.








  • 170


  • metal morphs

  • Flame and Plasma Cutting

  • Titan II cutting system and Metal Master cutting system by MG.

  • Provides high-productivity solutions for your cutting needs.

  • Cutting speeds up to 150 ipm with high definition plasma cutting.

  • Procedures virtually doss-free cuts in MS up to 3" and SS or
    Aluminum up to 1.5".

  • Cutting material thickness from 0.12" to 12" with the ALFA oxyfuel
    torch system.

  • Cutting area is 96" x 480" and 132" x 360".

  • All ferrous and non-ferrous materials